8 Important Ways to Protect Your Auto Shop

8 Important Ways to Protect Your Auto Shop
September 3, 2017 admin

You’re a respected expert in your industry. You take pride in your work and that’s why customers continue to trust their vehicles in your shop. It’s not easy to gain a solid reputation. It takes years of hard work, dedication, and perseverance.  The problem is that reputation can be soiled virtually overnight… That’s why if you own an auto repair facility, auto body shop, quick lube, transmission, glass shop or any other business in the automotive industry; you have a proactive approach to the safety and quality of your work. And, you have the proper auto shop insurance in place to protect your business in case of a loss.

Running an auto repair business can be rewarding as well as lucrative. But, as you know, it also has a number of inherent risks. Make sure your shop has safety protocols in place to protect your employees and customers in order to mitigate your losses. Below are just a few of the common risks that an auto repair facility will face.

1. Chemicals and Toxins
Your shop may have a number of chemicals that your employees are exposed to everyday. They run the risk of chemical burns or chronic problems due to inhalation of such items. Make sure all employees are suited with the proper protective uniforms; gloves, masks, protective glasses, long sleeves and even respirators in some cases. Also, make sure that all areas of your shop are well ventilated.

2. Fire
With all the flammable items in a repair shop, there is a serious risk of fire. Consistently test all fire and carbon monoxide alarms, sprinkler system and fire extinguishers – log all tests. Make sure all oily rags are picked up, contained and isolated throughout the day. All employees are instructed on the use of the fire extinguisher. And, all exits are accessible at all times.

3. Being Struck by Objects and Debris
There’s a lot of equipment in an auto repair shop, A LOT. And, that can lead to a lot injuries in the workplace. Make sure your employees are using the right tool for the right job. Also, never let customers in the active areas of the shop. Be sure to adhere to all clearance standards and everything is well marked.

4. Driving Vehicles
Of course the driving of a vehicle lends itself to risk all by itself. An accident involving your customer’s car in your facility can be a financial nightmare.  Keep up on all of the DMV records of all of the employees responsible for driving the cars. Select only a few employees tasked with test drives. Add driving training seminars to your safety protocol.

A safety protocol is a great start. You also need to be sure your shop has the proper auto services insurance coverage for the unique issues in your industry.

5. Garage Liability
This covers your liability for bodily injury or property damage due to the operations of your auto repair business.

6. Garagekeepers Liability
Covers you due to the care, custody and control of your customers’ cars as they are in your shop… We make it easier to understand the difference between the two garage policies in our post about Garage Liability vs. Garagekeepers Insurance.

Vintage auto shop with safety protocol

7. Workers’ Comp
As we discussed, there are unique job-related hazards at an auto repair facility, such as strain from heavy lifting, injuries from being struck by vehicles, or even chemical burns… Any one of these could lead to expensive medical bills, lost wages, and costly lawsuits.

8. Auto Liability
Provides protection in the event of an auto accident involving one of your vehicles.


These are just a few of the insurance products needed to protect your auto repair business. It’s important that you work with an independent agent that specializes in the in the exposers that a business owner like yourself faces. You’ve worked so hard on your business; make sure you partner with a trusted advisor that appreciates all that is required of a leader in your profession.





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