Enhance the Reach of Your Dealership by Using These 4 Digital Marketing Tools

Enhance the Reach of Your Dealership by Using These 4 Digital Marketing Tools
October 11, 2017 admin

Alright. The digital world is a thing. Industry experts calculate that 63% of all car buyers are heavily influenced by what they research on car dealerships online.

In this digital age where everything ranging from a new house, to what type of nail you should use for wooden planks is commercialized on the internet, it doesn’t make sense for your car dealership to fall behind.

Who doesn’t want to increase leads and sales? So, if you are part of the automotive industry, this article will act as your guide to simple marketing tools you can use to expand the reach of your car dealership.

  1. HubSpot

Businesses are often directed more towards all-in-one solutions, which are obviously more convenient to use and implement. HubSpot is considered one of the world’s largest inbound sales and marketing platforms.

It features search engine optimization, website management, blogging and chat forums, and an exceptional troubleshooting system. With your business advertised on so many channels all at once with inter-communication, you can expect your dealership’s traffic and possibly sales to sky rocket.

  1. MailChimp

Know this: People love internet.

Research on the impact of the online world on car dealerships shows that in 2015, over half of all consumers researched on the internet before going to a dealership. MailChimp is the service you need to gather the attention of those curious minds. It sends malware free, targeted, and attractive emails to the people under the bracket of search you give it.

In addition, you can use the tool to advertise your existing social media and online platforms – which can give a direct boost to the number of people who will get exposed to the services you are offering in your dealership.

  1. Hootsuite

Tired of the pursuit of customers? (You’re not alone by the way… it is tiring). So, what can you do? You can go for Hootsuite — the most optimal solution to boost your likes, hearts and LOLs on social media. Hootsuite offers you the option of scheduling your posts on social media at designated times, and generates automated replies to the various platforms you use without peer to peer interaction.

It’s like your personal social media assistant (except it doesn’t drink coffee!)

It acts as your central executive office for around 30 platforms all at once, which means that a large portion of internet surfers will be directed to your dealership thanks to the effective outreach of Hootsuite in your area!

  1. Google Analytics

SEO is not the future of marketing; it is already the Kingpin. Google Analytics provides you direct access to coding the keywords, managing the traffic and improving the speed of your car dealership’s website.

Being the GIANT of search engines, optimizing the results on Google will definitely give you an edge over the other dealerships that might be using third party optimizers. However, don’t get blindsided. Of course, many competitors are optimizing their websites for Google too. But, by developing a concrete marketing strategy, you can get that edge back…

So, here you go. Use these simple tools to bring the best out of your car dealership marketing!


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